Did you ever watch that episode of, “My So Called Life”? If you didn’t, your teenage years have been severely compromised, and you really have some catching up to do in order to be a complete and functioning human being.

I realized when I first began thinking about this blog (or blogging in general) that I would always gravitate towards food. A lot of the blogs I read are food blogs, and I am really interested in exercise and nutrition. (Despite not having a hold on either thing.) But I also realized that what I have to talk about transcends those two topics, and further more, I don’t really feel comfortable talking about those things all the time.

So right now, what we’re going to talk about is things that we hide.

In the above episode of, “My So Called Life” Jordan hides the fact that he can’t read. I mean, he’s in high school, so the kid has really, “faked it till he made it” so to speak. That’s a phrase that we hear a lot…and it can be beneficial or detrimental. Yes, you should psyche yourself up every day, tell yourself whatever you have to in order to get out of bed and get on with your life. But should you sweep everything under the rug until it’s all piled up and all of a sudden you’re in high school and you can’t read?

Short answer – no.

This is coming about for me right now because I’m stressed, and I tend to let things build and build until they get crazy out of control. I have given myself a deadline of getting my life, “under control” by December so…that’s what’s got me thinking about it. How am I going to get everything around by then? I feel like this i